The first password-manager I used was LastPass back in the day. I was aware that I need to handle all my passwords in a tool that is saving them securely. But most importantly it was clear to me that I need strong passwords. And I don’t want to know or remember them.

I moved to 1Password years ago because there was the 1Password app and the passwords are not stored in the cloud only. It was kinda uncomfortable to sync them always but that was a tradeoff I was willing to accept. Now I am using the family-plan and sync the passwords via

Security is an extremely important thing when surfing in the www. I try to explain the technics one needs to use at every possible situation. Mainly when speaking with my kids and my wife and I am happy that they use 1Password now. You can read how my strategy is by using it in my post Secure credentials strategy. And I wrote about data in my post Data Madness where I included also some security aspects.

If you want to understand better what happened at LastPass you should read the article The LastPass disclosure of leaked password vaults is being torn apart by security experts. It shows all the bad things that happened. But most importantly and unfortunately did the company lull their customers into a sense of security that is very dangerous. The app e.g. does not warn you when logging in with a unsafe password shorter that 12 characters or the meta data are not stored encrypted.

I beg you

Please always follow these simple rules for your data privacy:

When doing so you can avoid 90% of the disaster that happened with LastPass.

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