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Andy Wenk

Andy Wenk


Hey there - finally, you found me here. This is my little space in the world wide web where I post stuff about various things that interest or concern me. My main interests are Computer Science and Software Development, Climate Change and IT Security.


I was born in July 1970 and did a lot of things in my life. As a landscaper, as a musician, as a daddy, as a software developer, as a book author, as a team-lead and as a manager. You will find more about these facts in various pages here.


I am actually working as the CTO at Digital Blast GmbH creating our product Fanblast after having worked for 9 years at sum.cumo in the Management as the Director of the Development division. Due to the financial situation the startup is facing, I am open for new challenges up from February 1st 2023. If you want to get a first impression of me please have a look at my German Resume.

About me


I go ahead and open ways to reach the strategic goals by taking the team with me and removing obstacles.


We create a vision, define the mission and with the teams, we tackle and implement.


I make sure everyone is fully and transparently informed and make teams and stakeholders talk to each other - not about each other.


As a mentor I make sure to get the best from the people and teams by sharing my experiences.


I listen to the people and enable them to be successful.


If you want to get in touch with me, write me an email. Or you can reach me at:

My Social Media Channels are these:

And you can find code I wrote here:

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