Why is a secure password so important?

It seems to be an already worn out story and one or the other can’t hear it anymore: Use strong passwords. However, it turns out again and again that the story is still topical. We make it too easy for black hat hackers to get our passwords and ultimately our digital identity.

My digital identity is gone

Imagine the following scenario:

How could this have been avoided?

What does a secure password look like?

There are some simple rules for a secure password. In general, a password should have these properties:

Where do I store the password?

The last item in the previous list says “I don’t know it”. This assumes that the password is stored somewhere. There are DO’s and DON’T DO’s for this:



How do I create a secure password?

The short answer is: with a password generator. Again, 1Password is a good choice:

To get a feel for what a secure password looks like and how long it would (currently) take to hack one, I recommend trying this out:

How secure is my password?

Here is a short demo of how a password becomes strong:

IMPORTANT: this is NOT a password generator. Never use the password you “tried” there (even if it says underneath that it is “100% secure” and won’t be saved!).


Having to use passwords is always a pain in the ass. That’s why the topic “Passwordless” with “passkeys” is massively pushed.


I showed in this post how easy it is to create a secure passowrt. Also, how a good password strategy helps protect your digital identity.

Disclaimer: I don’t have any affiliate agreements with 1Password. I just think the tool is very good.